Without a Doubt, ATM Tako is an Artist to Watch Going Forward.

Without a doubt, ATM Tako is an artist to watch going forward.

Jaylon Torres, aka ATM Tako, has been on a tear in 2022. Starting off his career only a couple of years ago, he has always had a love for music. Seeing what the trenches had to offer, he wanted to see more for himself. With no opportunities or anything to really help make it out, ATM Tako started to focus on his passion. Releasing two singles, an album, and multiple videos in just this year alone, Tako has been the definition of consistent. Ironic enough, ATM Tako’s latest project was titled “Definition of Real”, proving that he lives what he raps. With his strong versatile sound, Tako stands out amongst other underground artists.

His ability to blend together melodies along with his strong rap flow is impressive. Also, his bold and hard-hitting flow is one we have yet to see crack the surface of the industry. At only 19 years old, Tako has proved to be determined enough to land a top spot in the music industry. Born and raised in Louisiana where music is not necessarily as big, this has added fuel to ATM’s fire as well. 

To this day, ATM Tako has a combined 600,000 views on his Youtube channel and over 1,000 subscribers. 2022 will definitely be the year we see him break a million plus views. Also hitting 15,000 followers on his Instagram this year, his page has been growing by the day. Securing features on his latest album from Hartbreaak, Yung Bino, Backend Foreign, and Dice Soho, many power players in the industry are also recognizing his talent. 

From day one ATM Tako has never looked back. With plans to release much more content throughout the summer and final months of the year, we should only see his platform continue to elevate. Also working on some more projects and singles with even bigger features than the last, we should also see Tako announce some release dates in the coming months. Without a doubt, he is an artist to watch going forward. Make sure to also check out ATM’s latest album “Definition of Real” which can be found on all streaming platforms and he can also be found on Instagram @realtako_ .