W!LL- “GLT” Ft. Caleb Minter (Video)

W!LL is bringing a distinct sound to R&B!

With two Billboard placements already under his belt, 2021 promises to build upon an already impressive trajectory for R&B newcomer W!LL.

In addition to performing, his presence is felt throughout much of the recording process, as writing, production and engineering are among his many artistic credits.

In 2014, W!LL released the EP ‘Purpose’, which featured the single “Next to You.” He followed with ‘Take Me Home’ and ‘H’ in 2018, and a fourth project is scheduled for Spring 2021.

While discussing his music industry goals, W!LL said his passion pushes him to strive for nothing less than greatness.

“I want to be known for being one of the most influential musicians in history.” He explains. “I’m a baritone with a classic style who still sounds current. When it’s all said and done, I’ll be one of the faces of R&B music for this and the next generation.”

Outside of his own work, W!LL has served as background singer for several gospel artists including Mary Mary, Travis Greene, Earnest Pugh and Tasha Cobb Leonard.

His early inspirations include such iconic voices as Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder. The single “GLT” will lead his forthcoming EP, and is currently available on major streaming platforms. Check out the video for the single above.