WorldIsGualaa Releases His Latest Visual “5 AM in Miami”

WorldIsGualaa has dropped his latest and he applies the talent he had as a b-ball star to “5 am in Miami,” his latest.

Up and coming artist, WorldIsGualaa from New Jersey just released his single “5 am in Miami”. Working like crazy with his team since the pandemic started, a visual will also drop for the song. This song is about a guy stuck in his head about 2 different women, a lover’s quarrel if you will. The song “5 AM in Miami” brings a vibe that is easy to get into. This song is a whole different feel from the last song WorldIsGualaa put out, Eye 4 Eye which was deeper in another way, speaking more on the people he’s lost 

During his basketball career, WorldIsGualaa lost both his brother and best friend. These two life-changing events did exactly that, changed his life. He became more serious about figuring out what to do with his life and went hard. He chose music because it’s a sincere and expressive form of art. A way he can release his pain and listeners can relate and release theirs.

After graduating from Wilmington University, WorldIsGualaa began taking music seriously in April 2020. He then dropped an 8 track EP, to basically let his presence and capabilities be known. This kick-started him continuing to use music to express. Now is dropping songs and visuals in pairs and talking about defining his sound. He calls himself the hardest to impress because he isn’t easily wowed but I think it will be easy for him to impress us.  

“I’m the hardest to impress it takes a lot to impress me. I don’t be hype or follow trends – the hardest to impress.

Make sure to follow him on all social media @Worldisgualaa and GO listen to his new single “5 AM in Miami” and let him know if you’re impressed.