Yungndwealthyy Is Becoming An International Star

Rising international MC Yungndwealthyy has gained traction quickly with his interesting underground sound.

The artist grew up listening to a multitude of different types of music in his household, absorbing the many styles his mother and father played.  Fast forward many years and Yungndwealthyy has quickly established himself as one of hip hop’s biggest rising stars. The creative originally gained traction on SoundCloud but decided it was time to kick it up a notch by releasing music on all platforms.  

Yungndwealthyy has entered 2022 full steam ahead, releasing a brand new single and 4 song EP. “I thought it was time to allow everyone to listen to my music no matter where they are,” explained Yungndwealthyy.  The artist has plans to release more music soon.  You can listen to Yungndwealthyy here: You can follow Yungndwealthyy here: