Zayewave Gets Tee Grizzley Co-Sign On New Banger “Past Midnight”


Rising rapper Zayewave has been making moves the last few years. He kicks off 2021 with the help of Tee Grizzley on the song !

Zayewave is a lot of things, a movement, an inspiration, a wave, etc. 

However, it also happens to be the name of a talented, upcoming artist out of Wilmington, Delaware. 

Zayewave, born Isaiah DuPree, is starting to pick up even more attention due to his constant consistency, growth, and the overall quality and rawness of his unique discography, which has garnered recognition from big-name artists like Tee Grizzley.

Seeing that his first-ever “music video” going up on YouTube at 11-years-old, Zayewave has come a long way since 2012. Isaiah was born in Newark, Delaware but grew up all over the world in places varying from Alaska to Italy as a military kid. 

Zayewave’s life changed dramatically after his family returned to Delaware, where he had strong family ties. The rapper’s love for music only grew as he was finally in a place of stability as opposed to constantly having to pack up and move every few years. 

In his earlier years, Isaiah did exceptionally well in school; however, neither academics nor sports could amount to his passion for music. It all began with a cheap laptop and some Apple earbuds – that was all he needed to show off his creativity. 


Zayewave’s sound is one of a kind and powerful, something that would be appreciated in the music industry today. The music is not only versatile but is recognized as timeless and full of different vibes for all to feel. The budding rapper sees his music as art, and an artist’s goal is to let their art be interpreted by the people. 

Last year was highly productive for Zayewave, who dropped his first-ever mixtape “7:19,” EP (“Isolation”) and album Hell’s Rising.

His second EP “Isolation 2” was released right after his recent birthday at the beginning of January 2021. 

In his music, Zayewave talks about what is going on in his personal life, his experiences with various psychedelics, and pulls you into his world with his raw and cunning lyrics that compliment his melodic sound.

Tee Grizzley appears on the intro of Zayewave’s new single “Past Midnight.” This acknowledgment is well-deserved as much as it was unexpected as Zayewave kept it quiet until the release. 

Zayewave is very much incomparable and someone definitely worth tuning in to. You can find all of his social media as well as some links to the streaming services where you can find his music.