Zuhbastian is Marking His Spot in the Music Industry

With his latest work, Zuhbastian takes a further step into experimenting with genre and production.

Dutch music producer Sebastian Janssen also known as Zuhbastian is taking over with his unique style of mixing Hip Hop beats into charming melodies.

Zuhbastian has been in the music industry for only a short amount of time but is earning his place quite quickly through his unique way of producing.

Music is special for all societies around the world. Be it past civilizations or present-day generations; music is for everyone. The feelings evoked by music are not limited by the boundaries of language.

Zuhbastian is a true specialist in creating lyric-less music that can be felt to the core. His music brings energy and motivation to his listeners. It helps one to get over a specific hill and provides the motivation and passion to really pursue many aspects in life.

Musician Zuhbastians’ EP, Genesis, has been released recently. The vibe of this 6-track EP show that music can be made in different ways while still sticking to the early days. Very mysterious and soothing are the ways to describe his music. Zuhbastian said,

“The main purpose why I create the way I do is to show the people that creating art is possible in many ways of form”.

Layering versatility into truly passionate crafting, the track “Deadline” showcases the very best of Zuhbastians’ talent, with Hip Hop beats, ecstatic instruments and electronica-inspired melodies that allow the tune to ascend into pure excellence inspiring the listeners positively.

While the title track retains the same bittersweet feeling and rawness, it is slightly more upbeat and brighter than his previous tracks.

With his latest work he takes a further step into experimenting with genre and production.

The rising producer is ready to deliver more uniquely created beats that push his creative limits.

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