“2021 Battle Rap Rap Up” Bonnie Godiva

Bonnie Godiva put a beat on and savagely ran through the ups and downs in the battle rap community over the last 12 months.

End-of-year rap ups have become an annual tradition in Hip-Hop, thanks to yearly tracks from the likes of Skillz and Uncle Murda. Now, the staple has come to battle rap in the form of Bonnie Godiva’s “2021 Battle Rap Rap up.” 

The Yonkers emcee is one of the most prolific battlers in the women’s scene, with over 50 battles against some of the best competition, male and female. Her rap up was shared by Battle rap media outlet “OTFMZ,” who posted it on their Instagram page.  


Bonnie began by sending a warning to the battle rap community that, “no one’s safe.” No lies were told as Bonnie immediately fired shots at a battle rapper with a young girlfriend; “Quantum Physics went from spittin’ 16s to dating one, how ironic, guess that lil 22 is his favorite gun.”  


The third most viewed women’s battle rapper was not done addressing who she called “predators” with “no respect for women.” She referenced vlogger Chris Unbias who left the scene for some time after being locked up on sexual assault allegations but returned last year. Bonnie Godiva reserved another dig for Baltimore rapper Prep who admitted to faking a group chat with popular battle rappers to apparently make a girl feel better about herself! 

Give It Up For The Ladies!

However, this was not an anti-man diss. Ms. Godiva is an equal opportunities shooter, and it was the ladies’ turn next. She accused the women, who “aint no better though, just better hoes,” of “fighting over dick instead of checks.” According to Bonnie, her fellow femcees, Jaz and Yoshi, “are both f###### a cokehead,” see QP, above.  

Ultimate Rap League owner Beasley catches some heat as Bonnie name-checks three ladies who all stand accused of sleeping with the boss in one battle or another in the last twelve months!  


One of the biggest events of the year got a mention as Bonnie shouted out Drake. The Canadian superstar partnered with URL and Caffeine.tv for “Til Death Do Us Part” in October. Remy Ma’s new all-female battle league, Chrome 23 also got a mention. Bonnie railed against folks who say Remy’s trying to take over the ladies’ scene. She also asked if everything was okay with the Queen of the Ring family suggesting the owners were directing subliminal shots at each other.  

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One of the most highly-anticipated female battles of the last 12 months, Coffee vs. Ms. Hustle had to be included. Their clash was delayed and then rescheduled. However, relations were so fractious there was no faceoff, and they had to be separated for their battle. 

Bonnie Godiva tore through several other rappers and situations before rounding off the track telling Hitman to “holla” at her. She then instructed him to come see her for “one round, unlimited” in 2022!  

Listen to Bonnie Godiva 2021 Battle Rap Rap Up Below

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