21 Savage Promotes Financial Literacy With New Education Portal

The Atlanta rapper continues to work to educate his fans and the local community by promoting financial literacy.

(AllHipHop News) Remember last year when the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement locked 21 Savage up for being an illegal alien?

They almost lost a real one, who cares deeply about the country’s urban youth in ways that many citizens within the country simply don’t.

The rapper, though British, grew up in this country and is invested in making the country that he chose to be home “great!”

One way that he has done this is by starting a financial literacy program for students.

Two years old, the program is called the Juma Bank Account Financial Literacy program and it will target Atlanta youth, teaching them how to manage their money.

The program will service the three tiers of K-12 schooling.

With elementary school students, children up until the 5th grade he will teach them the basic concepts of money management.

Middle school students will get to discover how to start planning for their futures, considering the finances associated with the lifestyle that they want to live.

High school students get to have fun as they have set up various lessons that teach entrepreneurship and budgeting.

21 Savage will make a $25,000 donation to Atlanta’s #ATLStrong COVID-19 fund, a program started by the city’s current mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms.

An additional program that will help the city is his Bank Account at Home portal.

The free online financial literacy resource was created in partnership with one of the nation’s top leading mobile banking services providers, Chime, and education technology platform, EVERFI.

EVERFI is made especially for young people and their families and is available across the country on chime.com/21savage.

“The generous support of 21 Savage will go a long way toward the well-being of these young people,” said Robert Lewis, the Juma Atlanta Site Director. “Not only will it help them stay afloat during this crisis, but it also provides a glimmer of hope and the realization that they can count on the support of their community at this time of need.”

21 Savage has been working on building financially savvy families since 2018.

Named after his hit song, “Bank Account,” he created the 21 Savage Bank Account Campaign and donated $21,000 to the cause that had the sole purpose of teaching kids how to save money, make money, and open their own bank accounts.