21 Savage’s Immigration Status Uncertain, Criminal Charges Causing Delay

21 Savage

Is the government playing games?

British-born rapper 21 Savage’s three-year immigration status woes have taken a turn for the worst.

The Dekalb County District Attorney’s office has put a hold on his immigration fight with ICE until filed criminal charges are cleared up.

According to 21 Savage’s lawyer, Charles Kuck, his client is only allowed to travel domestically in the States — even though he is not technically a citizen, TMZ reports. The chart-topper is also not allowed to travel overseas until his immigration case is reviewed.

That might take a long time.

ICE identified him as an illegal alien in 2019 and threatened to deport him. To complicate the legal drama, 21 Savage tossed a gun and a bottle of codeine when ICE agents attempted to arrest him.

However charges for possession of controlled substance and possession of a firearm, were not filed until January of 2022.

These charges have caused a glitch in his case. The immigration case will be pending as the results of the criminal case will have bearing on whether or not he is fit to stay in the United States.

To makes matters worse, there is no date scheduled for the criminal case. If there is no criminal case, there will be no immigration case and the artist will be in limbo concerning his immigration status.

Until then, the rapper is making the most of his time.

He is scheduled to perform in the Coachella and the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in June.