Rich Homie Quan Gets A Drug Kingpin Tatted On His Arm

RHQ’s New Idol

Rich Homie Quan has a new tattoo of one of he biggest boss in the world. Not Donald Trump, but the Atlanta rapper got Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar inked into his skin.

Rich Homie posted the finished product on his Instagram today and the art covers his forearm. He explained himself, since Escobar is mostly known for selling massive amounts of illegal drugs.

Rich Homie Quan said, “If you don’t know the REAL Escobar, Pablo fed his people and took care of his family; and THATS what I stand for. If u don’t like it unfollow me. Kno the meaning why I got the [tat]. Wat man do u kno make 60milliin a day. So I don’t really care Wat y’all think.”

Ryan Jenkins (@ryanjenkinstattoo) was the artist that etched the portrait in RHQ’s skin.
Rich Homie Quan instagram