Tragedy: 350Heem Killed At His Own Mixtape Release Party


Rising star 350Heem, known for his raw street narratives and melodic flow, was tragically shot and killed.

Rising rapper 350Heem, known for his unique blend of raw lyrics and melodic flow, was shot and killed Saturday morning (July 30) according to 10 Tampa Bay News.

The rapper was celebrating the release of his new mixtape “Taking Chances 3,” at the Jade Fox Wine Bar & Lounge in his hometown of Lakeland, Florida, when gunshots rang out.

Unfortunately, 350Heem was hit by the gunfire, and he was killed.

350Heem was more than just a rapper.He was a beacon of hope for many young individuals in his city.In a recent interview with’s Kershaw St. Jawnson, he spoke about his journey, his influences, and his aspirations.

“I kind of say I feel like I was born to be a rapper when I dropped my very first project,” he said. “I was just putting out a project just because I wanted to put my money in the song, do something positive. But all the fans and supporters I gained after that, it was like they labeled me as a rapper.”

Heem was not only a rapper but also a role model for many in his community.He was the first person from his city to sign a major record deal, a feat that inspired many.

“I’m trying to show my city a different way,” he said. “I’m the first one to do this for my city. I’m the first person to sign a major deal for my city.”

Heem’s music was deeply personal, reflecting his experiences and struggles.He believed his music spoke to young individuals who were trying to find their way.

“I definitely believe that music speaks to your soul,” he said. “I definitely believe that because it’s been speaking to me my whole life,” 350Heem told