BLAZE UP!!! 4/20 Renamed to ‘International Peter Tosh Day’

Representatives of the Peter Tosh Foundation take over 4/20 to honor the iconic singer’s legacy of cannabis advocacy.

4/20, the National Weed Day, is a day set aside for blunt smokers, rappers, and hippies. However, many are setting the day aside to honor one of the flower’s earliest legalization advocates and cultural icons, reggae singer Peter Tosh.

Peter Tosh Foundation 4/20 “International Peter Tosh Day”

The Peter Tosh Foundation, Legacy & Brands, with marketing by Launchpad Worldwide, want folk to roll up on the International Peter Tosh Day to celebrate the work of the “Legalize It” GRAMMY award-winning singer. After the star’s death, the Peter Tosh One Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit, was founded —along with its advocacy partners M4MM and The Last Prisoner Project — to address the social equity and justice issues within today’s emerging cannabis industry and criminal justice system.

On Tuesday, April 20, the world (and all those who love good ganja) will officially commemorate “International Peter Tosh Day” (aka #PeterTosh420) during a virtual festival paying tribute to the cannabis activist.

“The music of my father, Peter Tosh, demarcates the beginning of an international movement to decriminalize cannabis”, said Niambe McIntosh, administrator of her father’s estate.

“His music transcended time and continues to resonate with today’s activists, ”said notable participant, Roz McCarthy, founder and CEO of M4MM, “we are proud partners and look forward to this global celebration where all international M4MM chapters and members will participate and salute the late great Peter Tosh.”

The Estate and partners have set up a full festival of online activities that will be streamed across multiple social media and virtual platforms, hoping to attract a widespread audience that is inclusive of people of all races, creeds, socio-economic stations, and beliefs. They are further tapping in with cannabis growers, infusion culinary artists, licensed distributors, celebrities/artists, cannabis entrepreneurs, policymakers, advocates, legal professionals, medical professionals, and cannabis enthusiasts to help drive the conversation about international de-scheduling efforts, economic investment, and development and issues of social justice for people of color.

Courtesy of The Peter Tosh Foundation

Positive Vibes only … as Brother Tosh would have wanted it.

One of the founding members of The Wailers, a group the launched the career of another cannabis activist Bob Marley, Tosh also used his gift of song to reach the masses— working to bring down the Apartheid in South Africa, the liberation of Colonized Africa, and other voiceless communities suffering under oppression.

To join the festival and for more information about #PeterTosh420, please follow @PeterTosh on Facebook and Instagram and visit For additional info on the Peter Tosh Legacy and the Peter Tosh Foundation, please contact Brian Latture via email at