40 Glocc Sent To Prison For Pimping Off Backpage

Game’s longtime nemesis 40 Glocc will be put on ice for the next year, after he was caught in a prostitution sting!

(AllHipHop News) West coast rapper 40 Glocc will be spending the next year in prison after taking a plea deal over allegations he was pimping a woman out on social media.

40 Glocc was arrested in 2017 after he escorted a woman on a date to a Minnesota residence. Little did he know it was a sting, and a special task force had baited them into a sex for money scheme and 40 was with it.

The law enforcement agents had responded to an online offer, agreeing to pay $400 for an hour session.

After taking the girl into the room with the agents, the rapper waiting in a car, where he got wind of the sting operation sped off

The cops eventually caught up with 40 Glocc, whose hands were bloodied and battered from breaking and smashing his cellphones in an attempt to destroy evidence on the devices.

His plot did not work and he was eventually charged with two counts of intentionally promoting the prostitution of an individual and another count of inducing an individual into prostitution.

On Tuesday (June 30th), 40 took a plea deal – he did not admit guilt – but he tapped out to avoid a harsh sentence since the evidence against him was overwhelming.

The rap star sent to prison immediately, where he will spend one year behind bars, along with 10 years of probation.

The “Colton City Crip” was an associate of 50’s G-Unit.

After the bust with the woman in 2017, he was shot twice and hospitalized during a funeral in San Bernardino, California in a broad daylight shooting.