42 Dugg Arrested For Failing To Surrender & Serve 6 Months In Prison

42 Dugg

42 Dugg was supposed to report to a West Virginia prison after his probation got revoked in a firearms case.

Detroit’s 42 Dugg faced repercussions for not surrendering to authorities to serve a six-month prison sentence.

According to the Detroit News, 42 Dugg was arrested in his hometown on Wednesday (May 4). The 4PF/CMG artist attended the NBA playoff game between the Golden State Warriors and Memphis Grizzlies on Tuesday night (May 3). He then flew home on a private jet and was taken into custody upon his arrival.

“He got off the plane and they were waiting there to greet him,” his lawyer Steven Scharg said.

The Motor City rapper’s latest arrest stems from his conviction for illegally possessing a firearm. He previously pleaded guilty to the weapons charge, which resulted in three years of probation and a $90,000 fine.

But 42 Dugg couldn’t stay out of trouble, leading to his probation being revoked in February. His probation violations included an arrest for battery in Las Vegas and multiple positive test results for use of controlled substances.

42 Dugg, whose real name is Dion Hayes, received six months in prison after violating his probation. He was supposed to report to a facility in West Virginia in April, but he never appeared.

Authorities issued a warrant for his arrest following his no-show.