50 Cent Could Be Planning A Move To Texas After The State Reopens Businesses

50 Cent

Could 50 Cent be the latest rich person to flee to Texas now that the state has re-opened?

Governor Greg Abbott’s decision to re-open the state of Texas despite 2.6 million confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the state, has drawn sharp criticism.

Almost 44,000 people have died since the start of the pandemic, but Governor Abbott decided to use Texas’ independence day to announce that a mask mandate has been dropped, and businesses are being encouraged to open as if nothing is going on.

Former U.S. representative and one-time presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke called the decision a “death warrant” for Texans.

And while 50 Cent doesn’t live in Texas, he frequently pops up in the state to promote his liquor brand, Branson Cognac.

Fif, who also threatened to leave New York and vote for Trump due to the Dem’s plans to raise taxes, implied he was ready to head out to the Lone Star state when the restrictions are lifted on March 10th.


“i’m headed to Texas f### this 🏃‍♂️💨LOL,” 50 Cent wrote on his Instagram, celebrating Governor Abbott’s announcement.

50 Cent might be joking, but he could be serious too, since the cost of living in New York is 94% higher than residing in a city like Houston, Texas, in addition to a much more favorable tax rate on wealthy folk like the rap star.

Now, local residents fear the thousands of tourists who will probably descend on the state, just in time for Spring Break.