50 Cent In Danger: Drug Kingpin Vows To Kill Rapper In $1 Billion “Power” Feud

50 Cent

The legal feud between Cory “Ghost” Holland and rapper 50 Cent over the hit series “Power” escalated with violent threats from Holland and firm denials from 50 Cent’s team.

The former drug kingpin locked in a fiery $1 billion lawsuit against 50 Cent over the hit TV series “Power” has the rap star’s lawyers on high alert after threatening to kill the rap star turned TV mogul.

Cory “Ghost” Holland asserts that “Power” closely mirrors his life story, depicted in a 2007 CD titled Blasphemy, which he claims he sent to series co-creator Courtney Kemp’s father as a plea for a legitimate exit from the drug trade.

He insists that the characters and storylines, specifically the protagonist, Ghost, are based on his real-life experiences, and he accuses the defendants of exploiting his life for profit without permission.

The feud took a menacing twist, and the tension ratcheted up after Holland made a bold declaration in correspondence to 50 Cent’s lawyers that AllHipHop.com has exclusively obtained.

“If a m########### gets killed because your m############ client threaten me and my family, file a m############ motion for that,” Holland declared, escalating tensions in this high-stakes battle. “I ain’t playing with your m########### client no more, next time he or anyone he sends pull up, f### the litigation.”

“50 Cent plays games with people’s lives, he humiliates people, he comes to their homes, then plays a victim. He constantly in somebody mess. Plaintiff has warned 50 Cent, he ain’t no entertainer.”

50 Cent’s legal counsel expressed grave concern over these violent proclamations to Judge Analisa Torres.

“This language can only be understood as a threat of violence against Mr. Jackson and his counsel,” they informed the court. “We are also in the process of notifying the relevant local authorities.”

Still, Holland contends that in previous incidents, 50 Cent has dispatched “goons” to his home, forcing him to flee Michigan.

He alleges a chilling confrontation at a gas station where purported henchmen threatened him.

Adding to the drama, Holland charges that he had to relocate his mother out of fear for her safety due to 50 Cent’s alleged harassment.

“Plaintiff had [to] up and move [his mother] from her state out of fear that 50 Cent was go harm her and me. Plaintiff try’s [sic] to protect himself  and deal with the constant pressure and fear that is real,” Holland wrote in another letter to the judge.

50 Cent’s attorneys have dismissed Holland’s case as baseless, emphasizing that “Power’s” characters are fictional.

They stressed the untimeliness of Holland’s claims and argued that halting the series’ expansion would infringe on their intellectual property rights.

Despite the sharp rebuke from 50 Cent’s camp, Holland stresses the extensive emotional and financial damage he claims to have suffered, including the alleged theft of his life story.

“This is about the actual theft of my life, and the damages that it has done as well as the profits that the defendants have made,” Holland claims.

The lawsuit is ongoing.