50 Cent Explains How Randall Emmett Ended Up Owing Him $1 Million

The rapper explained how his beef with Randall Emmett started and eventually led to his new name “Fofty.”

(AllHipHop News) 50 Cent is satisfied with the way he handled his feud with producer Randall Emmett – because he got his money.

The 44-year-old rapper appeared on U.S. TV show “Watch What Happens Live!” on Sunday and was asked about his $1 million dispute with Emmett, with whom he was working on several film projects, and his documentation of it on social media back in April.

The feud began after Emmett, who is engaged to “Vanderpump Rules” star Lala Kent, went viral when he misspelled the rapper’s moniker as “Fofty” as he told the rap star he was having a health crisis and headed to an emergency room, adding, ‘”I’m sorry fofty.”

“I got me paid right away, he paid right away,” 50 told Cohen when quizzed about the online drama. 

And he explained that the ‘Fofty’ spelling error was not a nickname the two shared, but simply a typing error.

“He was speeding, going fast,” said the “Power” star, who appeared on the show alongside model Kate Upton. “It launched a whole new thing.”

50, real name Curtis Jackson, explained the million dollar debt stemmed from an overdue business expense connected to Emmett’s involvement in his Cheetah Vision film company.


He said that he told Emmett, “If you don’t give me something I’m gonna pay myself back so send me something,” ahead of publicly airing the grievance.

Following the well-publicized spat, the rapper said he doesn’t “have a problem” with Emmett or his fiancee Kent, with whom he also traded insults amid the row. 

However, he doesn’t expect to be invited to their wedding.