50 Cent Horror Film Stops Filming After Bloody Scene Cause Cameraman To Faint

Rapper says his film will change the horror film game.

Move over Jason … Freddy … Michael Myers … Chucky … “Saw I, II, III, IV, and V”… “Carrie”… “Cujo”… and all the other REDRUM characters you can think of. 

Rapper-turned-showrunner 50 Cent is making one of the scariest horror films in the history of popcorn munching.

It has to be. People are losing it even as they film it.

According to TMZ, the Queens native and director Josh Stolberg are filming their upcoming horror movie, “Skill House,” and during one of the scenes, a cameraman lost consciousness and fell out.

The scene seemed to be gory and bloody. A 29-second video of what he was filming until he fell out shows a woman in lime green or yellow swim-up with blood all over her.

Stolberg posted on social media (and 50 reposted), “Yikes!!! We shot a kill scene last night and the camera operator became so nauseated that he passed out, and the camera crashed to the ground. Had to stop down for a ½ hour. He’s okay now but… get ready for some crazy s**t!”

50 wrote, “Crazy night one of our cameramen passed out cold for 30min from the scene. Couldn’t take how real it was. We’re elevating horror to the next level. This is gonna change the rules of the game. #skillhouse.”

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The film stars Bryce Hall, Paige VanZant, and Amira Mertaban, who rushed to help the camera person.

50 wasn’t on set when this all occurred.