50 Cent Loves Reverend Al Sharpton’s Funky Dance Moves

The legendary civil rights activist will also go down in history for his funky dance moves.

(AllHipHop News) 50 Cent is known for going in on people with his social media, and this time he is aiming Reverend Al Sharpton. 

Thankfully, 50 took same light jabs at Reverend Al, who is going viral after a clip of him busting out some dance moves in Harlem hit the Internet. 

The “Politics Nation” host was a guest during “Harlem Day” on Sunday. 

When Stevie Wonder’s#### song “Sign, Sealed, Delivered” started to play, the holy ghost possessed the Reverend Al, who started dancing with a woman clad in a “Do Not Disturb” shirt.

The 64-year-old broke out some fancy dance moves when he was surrounded by a variety of women in the crowd, who playfully danced along with the legendary Civil Rights activist. 


50 Cent hosted his Tycoon Weekend the same day Rev. Al was getting down Uptown. He praised the Reverend’s dance moves as “Tycoon s##t.” 

This isn’t the first time Reverend Al has dropped some fancy footwork for the cameras. He was caught grooving at the Essence Festival in 2018. 

Rev. Al Sharpton even does a great imitation of James Brown, which he showcased during a tribute to his late friend at The Apollo in 2004.

Take a look: