50 Cent Portrays Meek Mill As Saucy Santana Amid Salacious Diddy Allegations

50 Cent

The rapper-turned-television exec has been having a field day with the Diddy allegations since Cassie Ventura first sued the Bad Boy Records in November 2023.

50 Cent is back at it with yet another troll job. On Friday (March 1), the rapper-turned-television exec shared a clip of a crossdressing Saucy Santana sauntering down a city street with the caption, “Meek Mill leaving Diddy’s house.” Santana is wearing a tight red dress, sunglasses and a purse with a black leather jacket slung over his shoulder.

50 Cent wrote in the caption, “Who did this?” But just like that, it was gone as of Saturday (March 2).

50 Cent has been having a field day with the Diddy allegations since Cassie Ventura first sued the Bad Boy Records in November 2023. More recently, 50 Cent called out longtime adversary Floyd Mayweather over questionable comments about Diddy, who’s facing multiple allegations of sexual assault. Mayweather vowed he wouldn’t say anything negative about Diddy despite the mounting lawsuits. At the same time, he teased his Diddy documentary, which may or may not be real.

“They didn’t even ask him about this,” 50 Cent wrote on Instagram. “Champ is you stupid or is you dumb? Get me the f### out ya head, you sound like a hater. DIDDY DO IT? COMING soon.”

Diddy was sued again last week by a former male employee, Lil Rod (born Rodney Jones), who worked as a producer on Diddy’s The Love Album: Off the Grid. 50 commemorated the news with a screenshot of a TMZ article along with pictures showing Diddy with Rick Ross and Mayweather.

“Aww s###,” he wrote. “I’m on the floor dead somebody bring me back to life.”

As for Meek Mill, he was named in the same lawsuit and soon became a trending Twitter topic as users reacted to the documents. The suit, filed in federal court, accuses Diddy of sexual harassment and assault. Lil Rod also claimed he was forced to watch a video of Stevie J. having sex with another man. He said Diddy did this “to ease Mr. Jones’ anxiety concerning sexuality” and provided a screencap of the alleged video in his complaint.

He then alleged that Diddy said “he had engaged in sexual intercourse” with a rapper and R&B singer as well as Stevie J.  While the artists’ names were redacted the footnotes indicate that they are both male. The rapper hails from Philadelphia and used to date Nicki Minaj, while the singer “performed at the Superbowl and had a successful Vegas residency.”

Needless to say, 50 Cent finds this all rather comical and odds are, he’ll have more to add to his commentary in the coming days.