50 Cent Says Depression Is A ‘Luxury’ He Can’t Afford

50 Cent

Rapper also talks about Master P and Romeo, saying they will figure it out.

Queens rapper and all-around hustler says he can’t afford to be depressed. He contends that mental health issue is a “luxury.”

In an interview with Los Angeles rap vet and radio icon Big Boy, the 47-year-old rapper said, “I think depression is a luxury. Where I’m from, you can’t afford to be depressed.”

While promoting his new BMF show and some of his other ventures, the “In the Club” chart-topper continued, “You gotta pay the bills, right? So, you gotta go to work,” he said. “You gotta get up, gotta go do what you gotta do. You got people right now that’s at work that don’t feel like being there. But they got responsibilities.”

“When these guys get in a slump and they just decide they’re not gonna do anything — I’m like, ‘Where they do that at?’ ” he said. “I think the things you go through make you who you are.”

He also talked about everything from Kanye West to Elon Musk buying Twitter and then saying he actually has to apologize to Megan the Stallion for saying Tory Lanez didn’t shoot her.

One thing that hit home was talking about the Master P and Lil Romeo tiff online and comparing it to his relationship with his oldest son Marquise.

“Well, I think that their situation is different,” 50 said. “I think they may have some like a disagreement but they’ll be back to being Master P and Romeo we know.”

He further spoke about how Master P was one of the first people to put him on, calling him “prolific.”

“You see how Snoop has respect for Master P? He’s one of those guys,” he said before telling a story about how the No Limit soldier put him on tour for the first time.

“He was slick big. He came he gave me the money for eight shows, right? We did four of them. Then he said, ‘Oh man something happened we got time to take a break. We just come back and do the other four later. When I came back to do the other four, I had already sold 2,000,000!”

50 Cent said the OG knew he was going to be a huge star.