50 Cent Sues Rick Ross Over Baby Momma Sex Tape

50 and Rozay Are At It Again!

50 Cent is looking to flip the script on his rival Rick Ross.

The G-Unit rap mogul is now claiming the Rick Ross is the only responsible for a sex tape that was put to the world. Ross’ baby’s mother Lastonia Leviston sued 50 Cent saying that she was emotionally devastated and suicidal because 50 Cent released a sex tape that garnered millions of views.

50 Cent claims that either Ross or one of his underlings actually posted the video and he linked to it from his online platform.

The base of 50 Cent’s suit in a radio interview where Ross says he was to put the “tape” of Lastonia Leviston on the internet, according to TMZ.

Leviston claims that the other man – not Ross – gave 50 Cent the initial video, countering what the legal papers say.
Should he lose the suit, 50 Cent charges that his legal move against Rozay will cover the money he will pay out,