6ix9ine & Anuel AA Fight On Instagram, Allegations Of Pedophilia, Domestic Abuse Fly

Tekashi 6ix9ine

Yailin la Más Viral seems to be at the center of the Latino war!

6ix9ine has found himself in the midst of rap beef once again. On Wednesday (July 5), the “Gooba” rapper took to social media to criticize Anuel AA’s parenting skills after the Puerto Rican star posted a picture of his daughter.

“You’re a rat,” 6ix9ine wrote. “It’s not my place may God forgive me for this comment but you crossed a line uploading that picture knowing that yailin wasn’t ready.

“She is your daughter [and] you have all the right but you haven’t done anything in 3 months. Papers, rent, milk, clothes… to the world you can sell the dream that you’re Real but I know you [and] you’re the definition of a rat.”

He continued, “That’s why you only have a picture of her from the hospital because you haven’t seen her since [and] have made yourself seem like a great father on social media.”

Anuel AA responded in his Instagram Stories.

“You turned out to be a pedophile and accepted the guilt,” Anuel AA wrote on a post, before asking in Spanish how could a “real mouse” call him “a rat.”

Anuel AA Bombs on Tekashi IG Stories
Anuel AA Bombs on Tekashi IG Stories

In the translated response, Anuel AA asked, “Is the world coming to an end or something? It has to be!”

Anuel AA Bombs on Tekashi IG Stories

Anuel AA admitted the two were once friends and that he offered support before he went to court with the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods.

Anuel AA Bombs on Tekashi IG Stories

“I offered you help a million times before you went to jail. I told you that those who stole from you were who they were and that I knew what you wanted to do, but you got nervous and said nothing,” Anuel AA wrote, adding, “So, we let you handle it your way and look what you did.”

He also called out 6ix9ine for acting like they were friends, posting his videos and telling the fans that he “ate with” his mother.

“You must be in love with me or something,” he continued. “You say you ate with my mom … you have never met my mom face-to-face. You are a liar!

“Saying that I don’t pay for diapers, a miserable person whose child’s mother is everywhere claiming the same thing about you and she says you haven’t seen your daughter in 2 years, YOU’RE THE ONE WHO ABANDONED YOUR DAUGHTER!!!! DON’T SAY THAT I DO WHAT YOU DID TO YOUR DAUGHTER, YOU MISERABLE!!!!!!!”

Anuel AA Bombs on Tekashi IG Stories

At this point, Anuel AA shifts the conversation to speaking about 6ix9ine’s 2015 sexual abuse charges.


6ix9ine then called him a “hypocrite,” saying he had the same statutory rape allegation on him.

Much of this energy is centered around Yailin la Más Viral, a Dominican artist who shares a child with Anuel AA and is rumored to be dating 6ix9ine.

According to 6ix9ine, Yailin told him all that he knows about Anuel AA and has screenshots to expose Anuel AA if he keeps going at him.

“Double Standard!” 6ix9ine said. “You always show the world you are a hypocrite and we are going to divulge one more subject to the public.

“If we are going to bring things to light, tell the world that the reason that Yailin does not want to hear from you it’s because you hit her when she was 4 months pregnant. I have the messages.”

Yailin and 6ix9ine aren’t peaking now, because he posted inappropriate pictures of her online.