Vanilla Ice Teaches Fans How To Invest In Real Estate WIth New Company


(AllHipHop News) Rapper Vanilla Ice hopes to parlay the success of his reality show on the DIY Network into a new company dedicated to turning beginners into seasoned real estate investors.

Vanilla Ice recently launched the “Vanilla Ice Real Estate Rock Star VIP Club,” which aims to turn interested fans into real estate “rock stars.”

Over the past 10 years, Vanilla Ice gained valuable insight into the real estate business, in order to augment his income from the music business.

The rapper, who hit big in the 90s with the single “Ice Ice Baby,” is a seasoned real estate veteran, with his own reality show “The Vanilla Ice Project.”

“You can cross your arms at the end and say ‘Wow. I did that,’ and you can take pride in it,” Vanilla Ice told in a statement. “Real estate kept me out of financial trouble. And it grew my finances when other famous musicians lost everything.”

Vanilla ice, born Robert Van Winkle, recently launched his own real estate website,

There, you can find more information about The Vanilla Ice Real Estate Rock Star VIP Club.