9lokkNine Busted Over Gunplay At Florida Mall And For Shooting Up A House


The cops in Florida have 9lokkNine in custody over wild shoot out in a mall and another incident for shooting up a house with people inside!

Central Florida rapper 9lokkNine was arrested after engaging in dangerous gunplay outside of the Mall at Millenia during shopping hours. 

While no one was hurt, both the “Az-Za” performer and the teenaged man that first shot at him, Trey’von Jaheim Graham were arrested and locked up by the local police on Thursday.

Orlando’s local law enforcement reportedly responded to calls regarding the shooting swiftly, according to local news station WFTV 9.

In a written report by OPD, the shooting stemmed from beef between Cash Money Records rapper 9lokkNine, real name Jacquavius Smith, and Graham. 

Four off-duty Orlando police officers, who were moonlighting as security for the mall, are said to have been able to deescalate the situation and detain the two principal suspects without pulling out their weapons — and without incident.

Graham was charged with discharging a firearm in public and attempted first-degree murder.

9lokkNine’s charges were not even related to this particular conflict.

9lokkNine’s arrest was based on an outstanding warrant he had in which he was charged for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and possession of a short-barreled rifle. 

Circumstances around this event stemmed from an incident in July where he shot into someone’s home near North Lane and Langdal Drive.

A witness said that they saw five to eight men hop out of their cars with their guns out, shooting up the house with no regard. While no one was hit, it is reported that one woman and her four children were inside the home. 

The house sustained approximately $10,000 worth of damages. 9lokkNine’s bail was only $300, which he posted immediately and was released.