A Judge Refuses To Return $100,000 To The Woman Who Posted Bail For R. Kelly

Kelly’s friend will not be getting her money back anytime soon.

(AllHipHop News) Back in February, Valencia Love put up $100,000 to bail out Robert “R.” Kelly from the Cook County jail. The R&B vocalist was in custody on 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse.

Love attempted to get back her $100K by filing a motion with the court. Her legal team argued that the money should be returned since Kelly is currently being held without bond in two separate federal cases.

Apparently, Love also paid $50,000 in back child support for Kelly in March, and she expected the singer would pay her back all the money while he was out on bond awaiting trial. The restaurateur, who has been described as “Kelly’s friend,” is claiming to be in financial trouble at the moment.

Circuit Judge Lawrence Flood declined Love’s request. He determined the small business owner had no legal basis to ask for the bail money back at this point. R. Kelly pleaded not guilty to all charges in the Cook County sex abuse case.

In July, the 52-year-old Grammy winner was indicted by federal prosecutors in Illinois and New York for multiple child sex/child pornography-related charges. Kelly is also facing a prostitution and solicitation case in Minnesota. He maintains his innocence in all three pending trials.