A New York Theater Is Offering Refunds For A Bill Cosby Show


A theater in Tarrytown, N.Y is reportedly now offering refunds for two of  Bill Cosby’s upcoming shows after being pressed by people who purchased tickets to give them their money back. People began to request refunds after women began coming forward accusing the 77-year-old of rape.

At first, the Tarrytown Music Hall explained on their Facebook page that they could not cancel the show due to a contract with Cosby and the promoter, AM Productions.

“The way our business works is that a contract exists between Cosby and AM productions, the promoter, which in turn rents the Music Hall as a venue,” said the venue’s executive director Bjorn Olsson. “If AM breaks their contract with Cosby, they still have to pay him the guarantee, same thing if we break the rental contract with AM, except they would then be forced to come after us to recoup the money the owe Cosby. Since he is a very expensive artist, this would be a tremendous blow to The Music Hall, likely to force layoffs and cuts in our community programs.”

Over the weekend, the venue announced that they are now able to give patrons full refunds for the tickets they purchased.

“Mr. Cosby’s management is now allowing for refunds for any patron’s that do not wish to attend the show. Please let me know if I may cancel and refund your order,” read an email sent to ticket-buyers.

Despite the rape allegations that have been plaguing his career recently, Cosby has continued to do stand-up performances on his Far From Finished Tour. Though he may have lost fans in Tarrytown, Cosby got a standing ovation at a show in Melboure, Florida at sold-out show earlier this month.