ABC Drops Trailer For “Queens” Sitcom About Washed Up Female Rap Group

Take a look at the new trailer for ABC’s new hip-hop sitcom, “Queens.”

Eve. Brandy. Naturi Naughton.

All took the music industry by storm, chart-topping early on in their lives, growing up right in front of our eyes, and now their new ABC show “Queens” allows the musicians-turned actors to play out their own growth experiences on television.

Fans will gag off the trailer that looks amazing.

The trailer gives us a glimpse of the “Nasty B######,” a group who in the dawn of their careers used their sexuality to sell their brands.

Now the ladies are grown and are called to come back and give a reunion show…will they even feel comfortable singing those old songs or are they super grown and past that.

We will lock-in.

While the concept seems outrageous, it is actually not too far from reality. Check out how it kinda resembles their lives.

Eve was known in the 90s as the “Pitbull in the Skirt” repping for the Ruff Ryders camp that gave us Drag-on, The Lox, and DMX. Now, she is married to a gazillionaire, splits her time between the US and Europe, and a talk show host on a major network called The Talk.

Brandy was (and is to a certain extent) America’s sweetheart and after dropping hit after hit from the time she was 12 up until today, has started in tons of hit shows like* The Game* and Star and knows something about revamping her image.

And Naturi seems to have flipped herself from the lead singer of 3LW, became a Broadway star, killed it as Lil Kim in the movie Notorious, and now is one of the most well-known women on TV as the super-powerful Tasha St. Patrick in Power franchise.

These ladies will be joined also by Nadine Velazquez and are sure to be a hit with Gen Xers. After all, we get to see them paws on Eve again!