Action Bronson Talks Why He Throws His Fans Off Stage (VIDEO)


Action Bronson stopped by ESPN’s Highly Questionable to talk about his upcoming debut album Mr. Wonderful and his onstage theatrics.

After one overzealous fan jumped onto the stage during one of his concerts, the big man picked him up and threw him back into the crowd. Now, trying to to crash the stage at Bronson’s shows is a norm and he continues to toss fans left and right to prevent the unexpected.

“Who knows what they are trying to do,” he said about the fans who hop on stage while he’s performing. “I know they are coming with open arms…I’m not getting yoked up on stage while I’m doing my show. You know how many people got their phones out? Every move is filmed at this point so I usually have to be the aggressor.”

Not all them are nice to watch and he says that one time he thought he seriously injured someone.

“In Europe some kid jumped on stage and tried to hug me but really around my neck. So me and my cousin, Big Body, we both disposed of him at the same time. We threw him into the crowd and everyone just parted so they could see and you hear is a ‘thud’…I thought the kid was paralyzed for sure but he wasn’t.”

Watch to hear the “Easy Rider” rapper talk about his transition from cooking into rapping, that one time he rapped from a portapotty and more.