Afrika Bambaataa Talks Hip Hop History & White Artists' Early Contributions To The Culture


(AllHipHop News) Hip Hop pioneer and founder of the Universal Zulu Nation Afrika Bambaataa watched the creation and expansion of the culture from its very beginning. The living legend spoke with VladTV about the origins of Hip Hop and at what stage white artists began contributing to the scene.

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“There was definitely a large Black, Puerto Rican, Dominican – all from the Caribbean, West Indies making Hip Hop happen at that time,” explained Bambaataa. “And there were certain whites that lived in the community that came to some of the events too, but they weren’t on the stage yet to becoming emcees at the time.”

According to the “Planet Rock” performer, white artists did not start performing at Hip Hop shows until the culture spread from The Bronx to Manhattan punk rock venues.

“The punk rockers are the first of the whites who started grabbing hold to Hip Hop,” said Bambaataa. “Big up to the punk rock movement that helped to bring about that cause.”

Bambaataa mentioned the Beastie Boys as one of the early punk rock acts to embrace Hip Hop. He also acknowledged that Hip Hop began in the black community but has now broadened to become a global culture which includes people of different races and sexual orientations.

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Watch Afrika Bambaataa’s interview below.