Akinyele Avoided A Strip Club War In Favor Of Partnership With Competitor, VLive


(AllHipHop News) Akinyele was supposed to go to war in the world of strip clubs, but instead, the King of Diamonds owner managed to forge a partnership with a major competitor, which lead to the way of a new club on Ocean Drive in Miami.

The rapper shot into the headlines in June, when he announced he was opening a new King of Diamonds on South Beach.

The news caused an immediate uproar and panic in Miami, leading to protests from local residents, who fear the black-owned business will help drive up the crime rate on Ocean Drive.

During the brouhaha, there were questions about exactly what kind of establishment Akinyele was opening.

In episode 7 of his series “The King Of South Beach,” Akinyele revealed that he has struck a partnership with Damon “D.C.” Cobbs, the owner of the VLive brand of strip clubs.

“In the real world, we was supposed to go to war, we was supposed to have that fight,” Akinyele said. “But what we did was, we did something else. We came as one and so ‘yo, how do we make this go to the next level?’”

VLive’s business is growing at a healthy pace with locations in Dallas, Houston, Jackson Mississippi, New Orleans, Phoenix, Atlanta, Chicago and Washington, D.C.

VLive’s owner Damon Cobbs also recognized the positives of working together to open a VLive/KOD brand on Ocean Drive.

It was an opportunity Cobbs said he couldn’t pass up.

“VLive Miami, on South Beach. 13th and Ocean Drive. My man Akinyele called me and said ‘we need to open this thing up to Miami. He said ‘DC you aint made it yet until you came to Miami. I said ‘you know what bro? Your right!”