Akon Defends Nick Cannon For Having 12 Children And Says Its A Woman’s Job To Raise The Kids


Musician Akon defended Nick Cannon against criticism for having twelve children, arguing that it is important to respect and celebrate the joy a large family brings.

Looks like Akon has jumped to the defense of his buddy Nick Cannon, who recently faced some criticism for being the proud papa of twelve little ones with six different mothers. 

Now, we all know that Nick’s a busy guy with hosting “The Masked Singer” and his own radio show, so it’s no surprise that he’s got a lot on his plate. 

But Akon’s here to remind us that it’s not fair to judge a person based on their family size or how they prefer to live their lives. 

During a recent interview for “The ZeZe Millz Show,” Akon has spoken out in approval of Nick Cannon, saying that the criticism is unnecessary and that people should not be judged for the number of kids they have. 

Akon started trending today (December 23rd) on Twitter after he reasoned that women should bear the primary responsibility for raising children and that men’s role is to procreate and populate the earth.

“A man has his role. And a woman has her role. But the day the woman believes that the man is supposed to share her role with her, then that means she’s lacking,” Akon said. “I don’t go pull my wife out to the construction site to go pull nails and two-by-fours because that’s not her place.

“Just because you as a woman believe that that job is simpler in the house because that’s easier for a man, its a lot harder. A guy ain’t got time to be in the house all day with no kids!” Akon exclaimed.

Akon also pointed out that having a gigantic brood can be a positive thing and that it is necessary for people to support and encourage each other rather than rebuke and judge. 

“Before there was civilization, and we were just cavemen, before the responsibilities and the holidays, and the piano recitals and the ballet recitals before any of that existed. A man would do what’s naturally comfortable to keep the earth preserved, and that’s to populate the earth. He’s going to mate, he may go from one side of the equator all the way to the other side of the equator. There was no child support, there was no man’s responsibility toward his children. It was just about life being created,” Akon said.

It’s worth mentioning that Akon is not only a talented musician and philanthropist, but he’s also a father of nine little ones. And let’s just say, he takes the whole “dad” thing pretty seriously. In fact, he’s been pretty vocal about his commitment to being a responsible and supportive parent. 

Nick Cannon, the host of the television show “Wild N’ Out,” recently discussed his struggles with balancing work and family life during an appearance on Paramount+’s “The Checkup with Dr. Agus.” 

Nick Cannon, who is expecting his twelfth child with Alyssa Scott, admitted that he often feels remorseful for not being capable to spend enough time with all of his children due to his hectic schedule and the demands of parenting numerous children. 

He said, “Being a father of multiple kids, it’s always the biggest guilt on me is that I don’t get to spend enough time with all my children. One ’cause I’m constantly working and two because I’m just spread thin.”