Akon Is Building Another City In Africa. Here Are The Details!


Akon is already building his own city in Senegal and now he’s working on another one in Uganda!

Singer-turned-music mogul Akon is planning to build a second city in Africa, while his first is still being completed.

The star secured $6 billion for the new Akon City in his native Senegal and now he’s raising cryptocurrency funds for a new site in Uganda.

The plan has the backing of Ugandan government officials, who announced they’ve allotted one square mile of land for Akon’s second city project.

Like the first Akon City, the new place will feature shopping malls, stadiums, and recreational facilities.

“Ultimately when you create an opportunity, people grow with that opportunity, people learn with that opportunity, people are motivated with that opportunity,” Akon says of his new plan.

The construction of Akon City Uganda is scheduled to be completed in 2036.