Akon Gifts French Montana New Watch After Fake Timepiece Blunder 

Akon French Montana

Akon has grown tired of people asking about the fake watch he once gifted French Montana for his birthday.

Akon has gifted French Montana a new watch after previously giving the “Lonely” hitmaker a fake Hublot for his birthday. The duo recently linked up overseas in their home continent of Africa, as seen in a video French shared of their meeting.  

“Guess who I ran into,” he asked, panning to Akon and pointing out how “icy’ his friend was looking.  

“That’s the watch, that’s my watch?” French asked before Akon replied, “You ain’t getting a watch this year. You getting something else.” 

However, he was only joking. In another video, Akon presented French Montana with a new timepiece. “The word now is to make sure you get the watch in the box,” the Senegalese artist joked.  

Although he said it’s time to put the joke to bed, French Montana isn’t taking any chances this time, tagging the FakeWatchBuster Instagram account to verify the new piece. 

“Stop asking Akon about the watch,” he penned in the caption of the video. “he just pulled up on me and gave me another watch lol let’s see if he did right this time.” 

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Akon Addresses French Montana’s Fake Watch On New ‘Drink Champs’ Episode

Meanwhile, Akon recently addressed the fugazi timepiece during the latest episode of Drink Champs

“Me and French got got that day,” Akon said, explaining that he also bought a watch for himself from the same vendor but didn’t realize they were not authentic. “I’m the one that lost money. I bought two new watches — one for me and one for [French].” 

He also claimed, “I didn’t know what a Hublot was,” but liked the look of the watch. When he enquired about the price, the seller told Akon that although it goes for between “$15,000 to $20,000,” he can get a deal. “I got a guy that can get it for us for $5,000,” Akon recalled the vendor saying.  

He did also reveal that he copped the timepiece in New York City’s Canal Street notorious for its knockoffs. N.O.R.E. shared a clip of the episode with Akon discussing the fake French Montana watch. However, his Instagram comments were filled with fans wanting to know where Akon bought his “Drio” jacket. Check out the clip below.  

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