AllHipHop EXCLUSIVE: Watts Rapper TruCarr Preps Debut Album via Wack 100’s Label; TDE’s Top Dawg Gives His Blessings


TruCarr and Rich the Kid have linked up for the new song and video “Lose My Mind.”

Today rising Watts, CA rapper TruCarr and Atlanta rapper Rich the Kid release the LOUIEKNOWS directed music video for their hypnotic new single “Lose My Mind.”

The JBFlyBoi produced track will be a part of his upcoming debut project Based On a Tru Story, releasing via Wack 100’s label 100 Ent/eOne, in March 2021.

The release of “Lose My Mind” comes on the heels of TruCarr’s recent interview with AllHipHop about his recent rise to notoriety sparked by his quarantine ready hit song “Outside,”  which was later remixed by Blueface to critical acclaim.

But even prior to that, this California native was growing his fanbase in Los Angeles alongside one of the most notorious projects in Southern California, Nickerson Gardens.

“I’m from Watts, California, it’s like right next to Compton for all the people that don’t know. A lot of people know Compton, but its Hub to the (W) Dub, (W) Dub to the Hub. Watts is like a lil city in LA, it’s like the Motherland,” TruCarr explained to

In fact TruCarr was making enough noise in Watts that he caught the attention of TDE’s Top Dawg who is known for throwing an annual TDE Christmas Concert in their shared hometown.

“I met Top Dawg a couple of times, especially being from the city, you gonna see Top Dawg all the time, especially on Christmas. Like he comes through on Christmas and he do things for the kids. Shout out to Top, he brung snow to the projects! Who does that? You feel me? He brought snow, to the projects,” TruCarr proclaimed.  “He’s a dope dude, he has events every year and it’s like a Christmas event where he brings out dope rappers and he do it every year. Last time Rihanna was there but we couldn’t do it this year with Coronavirus.”

When asked about how he signed to Wack 100’s imprint and the influence that TDE’s Top Dawg had on the situation, TruCarr explained that Top Dawg and Wack 100 spoke about Wack’s desire to sign TruCarr to his newly formed label and Top Dawg gave his blessings.

“I’m from Watts and Top is from Watts and before somebody else get a chance at this kid, he [Top Dawg] was just giving his blessings,” TruCarr explained. “Like are you dealing with him? Or is it good if I do it?  And then we went on, shout out to Top for giving him that okay and now we’re a go.”

Praising the role the Wack 100 has had in his life and in his career, TruCarr explained that Wack has opened doors for TruCarr that weren’t there before.

“I ain’t gonna like, we just getting started, but I ain’t get to do a lot of the stuff we just getting to do, you feel me? It’s like I can picture it, like how it’s already going to be. Then again dealing with Wack and dealing with this type of person is a different type of machine. You might think you’re about to do something and then it’s like a whole different thing. He comes with a game plan and his game plan might be different than yours, and he might put ends on it to where the picture is way bigger than I thought it was gonna be. So thats what we doing right now, we still working though.”

Leading up to the album release in March, TruCarr is preparing his new project Based on a Tru Story that features the aforementioned Rich the Kid, Coyote, a Latino rap duo from Wack’s imprint, Blueface and Bankroll Freddie who was featured on the previously released track “Up Wit It.”

“We got Based on a Tru Story about to drop in March, we going crazy right now, we just shot a couple of music videos. The tape got Rich the Kidd on it, it got Coyote shout out everybody from the 100 Ent team, shout out to Blueface, shout out to my boy Mikey and shout out to Bankroll Freddie. We got all those for the features but we just getting started right now.”

TruCarr’s new single “Lose My Mind” with Rich the Kid follows “She Got That” ft. Hardini, “What I See” ft. G Perico, “Up Wit It” ft. Bankroll Freddie, and the previously mentioned street single “Outside” which was remixed by Blueface for his album Famous Cryp (Reloaded).

Check out TruCarr’s “Lose My Mind” featuring Rich the Kid below: