André 3000 Flute Album Gets Dem Jointz Remix Treatment—Now Snoop Dogg Wants A Piece

Snoop Dogg

The enigmatic Outkast MC released an entirely instrumental album called New Blue Sun on Friday (November 17), which sent social media into a spiral.

André 3000 released an entirely instrumental album called New Blue Sun on Friday (November 17), which sent social media into a spiral. Some were elated Three Stacks was on this new creative journey, while others were highly disappointed not to hear a single bar come out of his mouth. Producers, however, saw the silver lining. Aftermath Entertainment affiliate Dem Jointz was one of them.

On Monday (November 20), he shared a pair of videos to Instagram showing off his beatmaking skills using André 3000’s woodwind sounds. He plucked samples from “I swear, I Really Wanted To Make A Rap Album, but This Is Literally Where The Wind Blew Me This Time” and “The Slang Word P(*)ssy Rolls Off The Tongue with Far Better Ease Than The Proper Word V#####. Would You Agree?” He added in the caption, “A or B? I had to do it.”

Snoop Dogg was among the first to jump in the comment section and write, “Send me this beat asap.” Fellow producers DJ Pooh and Statik Selektah also tossed in their two cents. Several fans encouraged Dem Jointz to get Snoop Dogg and Three Stacks on the beats.

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Pete Rock also praised André 3000’s latest endeavor. As he wrote in a since-deleted Instagram post, “Now im a producer, and what i hear on this album is amazing. Some of y’all ears been lost but as a producer what i hear? Sounds INCREDIBLE!!! Sometimes embracing a different side of a person isn’t a bad thing. In this business when you been doing the same thing forever you can get tired of it and wanna go left, nothing wrong with that. We all need that support sometimes.

“We had jazz musicians put albums out like this, why not except when 3 stacks do it? I mean i hear amazing samples on this album. BEATS!!! I listen to his last raps on that kanye joint all the time. One of the souths greatest MC’s. But i copped this album and im listening to it and you know what? I like it do far. Congratulations on this new journey and i believe real musicians will like this.”

But Outkast fans like Leslie Jones were outraged. During an episode of The Daily Show, upon learning André wouldn’t be rapping on his debut solo project.

Co-host Jordan Klepper began the segment saying, “You know, this is a beautiful, fascinating experiment in—” Jones screamed, “No! No it’s not!” She continued, “I’ve got to say something. This man is one of the greatest rappers of all time. We have been waiting 17 years for this m########### to release a new album. And it’s all flute? I’m going to kill somebody. This is how you know white people are winning. Y’all done turned André 3000 into Jethro Tull!”

Klepper disagreed, calling it a “brave” move by André 3000. Jones fired back, “Yeah it’s brave. ‘Cause if you play that s### in the hood, you gon’ get your a## beat!”