Angela Simmons Catches Hell For Posing In Bathtub Full Of Oreos

Angela Simmons

Angela Simmons has become a frequent topic of social media chatter due to people’s strong opinions about her antics.

Angela Simmons drew the ire of social media by appearing in a bathtub full of Oreos on Tuesday (July 9). Simmons posed with cookies to promote a collaboration between her Angela’s Cakes brand and restaurant chain Slutty Vegan.

“Fried Oreos anyone?” Simmons wrote on Instagram. “Soooooo excited for my official launch with @sluttyveganatl!!! Our @eatangelascakes Fried Oreos will be available at all Slutty Vegan locations beginning Friday, July 12th‼️”

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Social media users lampooned Simmons in the post’s comments and on X (formerly known as Twitter). They believed the promotional tactic was corny and ridiculous. Keke Palmer showed support for Simmons amid the negativity.

“The way these people are hating in your comments is something VICIOUS!” Palmer wrote. “I’m so blown back. Just know you doing EVERYTHING RIGHT. I have never seen people so pressed. Whew.”

Simmons elicited more online backlash a week after stoking controversy by bringing a gun-shaped purse to the 2024 BET Awards. She apologized in response to social media outrage over the purse.

“I want to address the recent incident involving the green purse I carried at the BET Awards,” she wrote. “When I chose the purse, I believed it was cute and unique and I made a poor decision in using it as an accessory to amplify my beauty. I deeply regret that this item, which symbolizes a gun, was inappropriate and insensitive, especially given my personal and community experiences with gun violence.”

She added, “I understand the pain and hurt this has caused, especially to those who have been directly impacted by gun violence. For my entire life, I have exemplified peace, unification and the resolution of gun violence in America … By carrying this purse, I did not intend to promote gun violence in any way. It was a mistake that does not define who I am or my commitment to ending gun violence. To anyone who was hurt or offended by my actions, I offer my deepest apologies.”

Check out some reactions to Simmons in a tub of Oreos below.