Anonymous Tells Kanye West He Is A Disgrace (VIDEO)


The hacktivist group Anonymous are not fans of Kanye West and they have decided to tell him about himself.

In a video a little over seven minutes, a man in a Guy Fawkes mask rips Kanye West to shreds. He deems Ye’ a spoiled little brat and condemns him for marrying Kim Kardashian, someone who he says claim to fame is based off of sex. He continues by saying that by being with her, Kanye sends the wrong message to young girls, which is that it’s okay to use your body to rise to stardom.

“What a great idea to teach your daughter,” the anonymous man says.

While referring to Kim’s Paper Magazine nude photo spread the man got personal and mentioned his deceased mother.

“Your mother would have loved it,” he said sarcastically.”I’m sure she would have jumped right in the picture for her own close-up.”

The anonymous rep went on to tell Yeezus that even though he thinks he is a visionary and highly influential, he is far from that.

“Your blind sight will never allow you to see how empty your accomplishments really are to the future of our species,” he said about Yeezy’s career. “You’re just a new slave that the industry uses to help keep the population in a cycle of stupidity.”

Watch the video below.