Rapper Arsonal Da Rebel Gets Roughed Up And Arrested By Mexican Cops

Artist says that he won’t let the altercation disrupt his vacation.

Police-involved violence against Black men are not only an American issue. Just ask Newark rapper Arsonal da Rebel. Recently, while vacationing in Mexico, he was harassed, beat up, and locked up by the country’s local police.

Arsonal went live as soon as he got out of the jail in Cancun, Quintana Roo.

The first thing the artist did was introduced to his fans, his new best friend, Mike Monte. Mike allegedly is the only person that intervened when the officers started to assault the battler.

“He is the only decent person out here, the police was whopping my ass. I am out here telling people to pull their phones out, they whopping my ass and he is the only person decent enough to pull his phone out.”

As a result, Mike also got locked up.

The rapper sustained no serious injuries and was able to walk away with a banged-up face, scuffed up Gucci sneakers, dirty clothes, and scrapes on his body. He may have sustained a bruised ego also.

The Grape Street Crip took to his Instagram Live to detail the ordeal as he watched the Super Bowl in the resort’s club.

“The beat me up last night. I’m not going to lie. They hit me all in my face and they hit me all in my stomach and I am out here… Big Jersey,” he said to about 75 fans.

“I don’t care about nothing of that. I got bail money. I’m outside,” he continued. “I was in a Mexican jail for like seven or eight hours.”

When a fan says that he doesn’t look like anything happened, the King of Disrespect said, “I know I don’t look like it because the Mexican police hands are little as hell. Them n##gas is b##ches. They punched me in my face and that sh#t felt like my daughter hit me.”

“They p##sy! I just want y’all to know that,” he said in a way that punctuated the violation.

In addition to trying to relax, Ars is promoting his new project called, “The Chic Tape.” The eight-track mixtape features production from Cedes, Jiggy Made it, Kountdown, Arum Beats, Lilz, Dreccy, and R&B Rose. He also highlights three other artists: C4Musiq, Cheeks Bossman, and Jermayn.

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The lead single is a joint called, “Baddie.” The video, produced, directed, and written by Ars, dropped right before his altercation.

It is good to see that the cops didn’t go too far and not only is the rapper still here to talk about it … but he is still about making his moves.