A$AP Bari Jumped In Harlem After Spotting Man Who Allegedly Stole His Chain

The fashion designer says the fight stemmed from an earlier altercation.

A$AP Bari, the creator of VLONE clothing line, was apparently caught slipping in the streets of Harlem. The designer was out in the hood when he approached the person who allegedly stole his chain.

Video posted on the internet shows that after Bari—dressed in red shorts and a white t-shirt–stepped to the one guy, the Young Lord got jumped.

As they square up and get ready to exchange blows, another man sneaks up behind the co-founder of the A$AP Mob and punches him in the back of his head. The confrontation erupts into a free-for-all, with yet another person jumping into the brawl and grabbing his shirt, causing him to stumble.

A woman colorfully commentates the rumble, calling for her young boy to knock Bari out, asserting Bari came into their hood with the “dumb s##t.”

Still, A$AP Bari doesn’t let his guard down and looks as if he’s ready to duke it out. Eventually, a woman and man step in, jumping in front of Bari and breaking up the fight.

While social media went crazy with the footage, Bari took to his Instagram Stories on his private account to explain what happened. According to the Harlemite, the backstory behind the fight deals with an altercation from a few years back.

“Everyday it’s something new with me from n####s hating on me to n####s [rapping] about me. The best thing to do is have a great meal and get ready for another pay day,” he said in one post. “This last time talking about it. A n####s stole my chain two years ago out car without me know and I seen him so I knocked him out and his n####s jumped in[.] Would had jump me to after the way I knocked him out.”

He concluded, “I’m so gangster I was solo with my jewelry on[.] These the same n####s who put money in my pocket[.] I’m real Harlem.”

The guy in the red shorts took to social media also and had words.

“Yo, Bari, you a f####t. And suck my d##k,” the man said. “You probably cut me with something too, you f####t b##ch. And you ain’t do nothin’ to me. All you did was this. And when I catch you, it’s lit.”

Bari followed up on his stories saying “The glasses not gone block the black eye.”

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