EXCLUSIVE: Atlanta Rap Legend Raheem The Dream Accuses Three 6 Mafia and Sony Of Stealing His Music and His Sound


(AllHipHop News) Pioneering Atlanta hip-hop artist Raheem the Dream is suing Sony Music Entertainment, for allegedly using his music on Three 6 Mafia’s 2003 album, Da Unbreakables.

Three 6 has a song titled “You Scared, Pt. 2,” yet they never received permission from Raheem the Dream, who claims Sony allowed the group to copy the hook from the original song.

To make matters worse, Raheem notes that Three 6 used the chant no less than 24 times in their version of the song.

Raheem also claims “You Scared, Pt.2,” invokes sounds similar to his own, “in order to invoke his musical sound and style and to create the impression of and connection to Raheem’s protected work,” the lawsuit reads.

Raheem notes that many of his works have been legally sampled by artists such as Fergie, Migos, and Rico Love, and he makes a substantial portion of his income from the sale, distribution and licensing of his music.

Raheem claims Sony is illegally distributing the song on Da Unbreakables album, through digital retailers like Amazon.com, Spotify and iTunes.

Raheem the Dream is seeking the maximum amount of statutory damages allowed, and any additional profits from Sony’s alleged infringement.

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