EXCLUSIVE: Audio Push Talks Influencing Hip-Hop To Wear Skinny Jeans, Breaking Past “One Hit Wonder” Status


(AllHipHop News) After their break out hit, “Teach Me How To Jerk” and since fostering a relationship with G.O.O.D music affiliated Hit-Boy, Audio Push has made their impact on the game establishing themselves as a group here to stay.

Despite the fact that the guys had a break out dance hit that appealed to kids, the duo was able to break past the “one-hit wonder” stigma that leaves many artists suck in the mud.

The guys elaborated on how they broke past the “one hit wonder” stigma in a recent exclusive interview with AllHipHop, saying they “embraced” the dance song and showed they were bigger than the song itself.

“It really was just putting in the work, we really had to put  like two or three years after that of doing music and doing shows and putting out music,” Audio Push explained.

At one point during the “Teach Me How” dance phase, they were encouraged by industry people to sue the other “Teach Me How” dance songs, but they refused.

“Its crazy, we never really speak on it, but they were trying to have us sue for songs that sounded like ours,”  Audio Push explained. “We knew we were bigger than that moment.”

Signed to Hit Boy’s Hits Since ’87 record label in 2013, Audio Push has had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of artists ranging from Tech N9ne to Kid Cudi to Juicy J.

In the AllHipHop interview the Southern California bred duo also spoke about how their style of dress impacted Hip-Hop culture.

“We directed our own music video and people started dressing like us,” Audio Push said.  “We were just kids having fun and making some music that sounded tight to us.”

“We were just some of the first people to have a dance song after a very long time of no dancing, so we caught all the flack of skinny jeans and dancing and now its everywhere.”

The duo also asserts their cutting edge style  influenced people to wear leather jackets in combination with the ankle tight jeans.

Audio Push currently has a project called, Inside the Vibe, which they say is for listeners to “spark their mental while they are driving.”

The duo says listeners can expect a more relaxed vibe compared to records more geared toward the “turning up.”

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