“Auntie” Maxine Waters Talks Being A Fan Of 2Pac & Being A Defender Of Rap Music (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) California Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ outspoken criticism of the Donald Trump Administration has made her into a social media star for many Millennials.

Dubbed “Auntie Maxine,” the U.S. House of Representatives member recently went viral for her take down of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. 

Waters’ “reclaiming my time” statement to Mnuchin became a national catchphrase and even inspired a song by singer Mykal Kilgore.

The Democratic politician expressed her appreciation for Kilgore’s Gospel rendition while on The View, but she also spoke with The Breakfast Club about being a fan of Hip Hop.

In particular, she spoke about her love for the late Tupac Shakur.

“There was a certain sensitivity about him. I got to know his mom [Afeni Shakur], and when he did that song [‘Dear Mama’] that talked about his mom – ‘mom was a dope fiend but she was my queen.’ Of course, that really struck me as somebody that was not only brilliant and smart but had a real sensibility, a heart, and an understanding that a lot of people don’t have,” said Waters.

She added, “Tupac, for me, was very special. He was smart, and I loved him.”

Waters also discussed standing up for the First Amendment rights of rappers.

“I was one of the defenders of rap music, even when it was gangsta music because I thought it was creative and it opened up a whole new economic opportunity for black people where jobs and positions were created when they wouldn’t play rap music on some of the major stations,” stated the House rep. “And I don’t believe in censorship. So I had to go up against C. Delores Tucker and some of those who were trying to censor rap music.”

She explained, “I think censorship is unconstitutional. I think it’s a way of quieting voices that maybe people in power don’t want to hear because it potentially interferes with their ability to do what they do and say what they want to say and exercise power in certain ways… I may not like it, but I feel this: what you don’t want to hear, don’t listen to it… but when you start to talk about limiting voices and opinions, I think that’s dangerous in a democracy.”

Maxine Waters was asked about her favorite current rappers, and she responded, “I like Chance [The Rapper]… I like Nelly. I really do. I better say that. I’m from St. Louis. Nelly, you’re fine. I love you.”

The interview also included Waters discussing Trump’s policies, Russian sanctions, supporting black businesses, the legalization of marijuana, gun laws, potential 2020 presidential candidates, the Alt-Right, affirmative action, fighting discrimination, and more.