Azealia Banks Calls Flight Attendant A Homophobic Slur (VIDEO)


Azealia Banks had a nasty exchange with a flight attendant and it ended with calling him a homophobic slur, TMZ reports.

After her flight from New York to Los Angeles landed, Ms. Banks made her way down the aisle to exit the plane, but was reportedly blocked by a French man who was getting his luggage from the overhead bin. According to a witness, when the “Wallace” rapper tried to squeeze by the man, he put his hand out to stop her and she became enraged. She reportedly spit on the man as well as punching him and pulling at his shirt. That’s when the flight attendant intervened, took her bag and advised her to calm down. In the video, Banks repeatedly asked for her bag and tried to take it from the attendant, who refuses to give it to her. The co-pilot then approached her and told her the police were called. She then ran off the plane, but not before she called the flight attendant a “f–king f—ot.”

Banks claims that the French man actually hit her and that’s what’s trigger her initial violent reaction.

Watch the video below.