Azealia Banks Digs Up Her Dead Cat And Boils It For Social Media To See

azealia banks

Azealia Banks went a little too far when she supposedly dug up her dead cat Lucifer.

Azealia Banks may have pulled her weirdest stunt to date with a bizarre video involving her dead cat.

The video, which has been since deleted, featured Azealia digging up her dead cat Lucifer with her friend. Azealia bought the cat in 2009, and unfortunately, her pet must have died in 2020.

The rapper and her companion pulled a dirt-covered bag out of the ground containing the cat’s dead body. Azealia Banks eventually took the cat to a house where they boiled the carcass, in an attempt to bring the dead kitty back to life.

“Lucifer 2009 – 2020. My Dear kitty. Thank you for everything. A legend. An icon…” she wrote in a since-deleted post.

The horrifying video shocked users on Instagram and the posts were immediately deleted from her stories feed after pushback from her followers.

The disturbing video involving her cat is the latest stunt pulled by the “212” rapper.

Last month, Azealia Banks sparked concern for her safety, after she posted a bloody and battered photo of herself to her social media account.