Azealia Banks Discusses Her Using The Word "F*ggot," The "White Gay Media" & Homophobia (AUDIO)


(AllHipHop News) Harlem rapper Azealia Banks was caught up in more controversy recently when she posted a message on Instagram about accusations she was homophobic for using the word “f****t.” The IG post led to negative reactions from many people in the media.

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Banks spoke with Xorje Olivares of SiriusXM’s OutQ about the public contention. An excerpt from the hour-long discussion has been released, and in the 10 minute segment Azealia defends her use of the f-word.

“The word f****t came to me from my mother. And it was never a thing about a guy being gay. It was always just a man who hates women,” states Banks. “You can be gay or straight. You can be a straight f****t… F****ts are men who want to bring women down, f**k with their heads, control them.”

The “Chasing Time” performer goes on to add that she called celebrity blogger Perez Hilton the word because she feels he was being racist and misogynistic towards her. Banks later calls to task the “white gay media” as well.

“I definitely think a lot of the time with the ‘white gay media’ – especially with female artists – in order for you to seem successful or seem feminine you have to desire their approval,” contends Banks. “I feel like a lot of times gay men can be way more misogynistic than even straight men. Even how they come to you picking at your hair, telling you you’re fat, telling you all this other s**t. Telling you how to be a woman. What the f**k do you know about being a woman?”

Banks questions why gay bloggers can use the word “b***h” to describe women, but she can’t use the word “f****t” to describe men. She also asks why white women have an issue with her using “f****t,” but do not have a problem with her using the word “n***a.”

“America cannot pick and choose when it wants to be offended,” Banks said.

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The entire Azealia Banks interview will air on Thursday. Listen to a portion below.