Azealia Banks Fights With Woman On Airplane Over Sex Claims

Azealia Banks hit up Twitter to post a video of her involved in another dustup with a woman she claims is racist.

(AllHipHop News) Azealia Banks stays in some drama.
The “212” rapper ran into some problems when she was trying to leave Stockholm, Sweden. 

Azealia Banks maintains she was racially profiled on her Scandinavian Airlines flight to Los Angeles today (August 27).

Azealia took to her Twitter account, where she posted footage of an encounter with a woman. 

Apparently, the woman thought the rapper and her boyfriend were having sex on the flight. 

The dispute escalated when Azealia Banks claimed one of the crew members on the flight assaulted her.

So far, no one has been charged, but a rep for Scandinavian Airlines released a statement.

“We can confirm that there was an incident on the flight to Los Angeles from Arlanda,” a rep told The Blast in a statement. “A passenger’s behavior toward other passengers and flight staff caused the legal authorities to be contacted, and they were present when the aircraft landed in Los Angeles. We cannot provide any further information surrounding our passengers onboard.”.

This is the second time this year Azealia Banks has had a dust-up on a European flight.
Back in January, she removed from a Dublin bound flight from England, after she argued with the captain of the plane, overs claims she was “treated like a wild animal.”

The result was a feud with the entire country of Ireland over their “ugly women.”

Take a look at some of the footage Azealia Banks posted to her social media.