Azealia Banks Replies To T.I.’s Radio Comments; Beef Continues


(AllHipHop News) Just when you thought the beef between T.I., his artist Iggy Azalea and Harlem femcee Azealia Banks was simmering down, things have again started to heat up as this morning (April 23rd), T.I. scornfully addressed Banks on Tony Sculfield and the Morning Riot radio show in Chicago.

“The fact that she’s speaking up on me and mine, I didn’t even see it,” T.I. said on air in reference to Azealia Banks. “That’s some b#### s**t, I’ma man. You ain’t got no business addressing me, get your man to address me, if you got a man, get him to address me and he and I can speak on it.”

But the up-and-coming Banks didn’t take long to respond, issuing a series of Tweets directed at the Grand Hustle CEO, self proclaimed, “King of the South” and star of VH1’s#### show T.I. & Tiny: Family Hustle:

“@tip T.i …. Please shut the f**k up about this. Like seriously quit it.”

Banks then went on to address T.I.’s reputation in the streets, alleging that T.I. was a snitch.

“@tip funny how you have plenty of time to address me but have nothing to say to the dudes who been calling u at as a snitch forever,” Banks Tweeted. “@tip it’s dead… The streets already know what kind of dude you are. Stop making yourself look softer by dragging this out.”

“@tip ain’t you the same dude that got photographed butt naked n a pair of sneakers and a beanie???!?!”

“@tip what a f###### clown,” Banks Tweeted.

Rumblings of a beef between Iggy Azalea and Banks took form shortly after the cover of XXL’s Freshman cover was revealed. Azealia Bank’s outspokenly took issue with T.I.’s newly signed artist Iggy Azalea gracing the cover with the highly coveted class of artists.

“Iggy Azalea on the XXL freshman list is all wrong” Banks stated a few months ago.

Banks also took issue Iggy’s lyrics in the song “Drugs,” where Iggy rhymes, “When the relay starts/I’m a runaway slave/Master.”

“How can you endorse a white woman who called herself a “runaway slave master, ” Banks said in late February.

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