Baltimore Ravens Fans Terrified Of “Drake Curse”

Fans in Baltimore are worried the team will fall victim to the fabled “Drake Curse” in their quest to win the Super Bowl.

(AllHipHop News) Ravens fans are a worried lot after Drake wished Lamar Jackson a happy birthday.

On Tuesday morning, images of Drake wearing clothing with the team’s motto “Truss” on it surfaced on Instagram.

The rapper’s photo was posted on the Ravens Twitter account and the responses were those of shock.

The fans fear that the “Drake curse” will hit Ravens. Legend has that if Drake associates with a player or team, they run into bad luck.

At one time the curse idea was so bad that AS Roma players were banned from associating with the rapper during the season.

So, when Drake wished Lamar Jackson happy birthday, the fans felt that the team would lose Super Bowl.

It can be argued that Drake broke the curse in June 2019 when the Toronto Raptors defeated the Warriors and won their first NBA championship.

However, many Ravens fans feel that one counterexample does not imply there is no curse and that is why they are nervous about Saturday night game against Titans.

The good news is that the supposed curse has not changed the Ravens winning odds as Baltimore is a nine-point favorite over Titans.

Also, Lamar Jackson does not believe in the curse as he says he is Drake’s friend. As it is, the rapper’s friends in the likes of LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Steph Curry are exempt from the curse.