Battle Rapper Bill Collector Was Not With LB da Boss When He Died

The information came swiftly about the tragic fishing accident that caused LB da Boss his life. In the crosswires, the heroic call for help from a friend confused many about the still-murky details around the Staten Island rapper’s death.

(AllHipHop News) As more news emerges regarding the tragic death of battle rapper, LB da Boss, clarity has come on the role friend and battle rapper Bill Collector had in what has come to be one of the saddest moments in culture’s history.

On Sunday, July 26th LB was on a boat that turned over into the 20 ft. body of warm water while on a fishing trip with friends on the Hopewell Lake in French Creek State Park.

Bill Collector, whose real name is Eric Wilkinson, was not with the rapper on the boat when it capsized.

The confusion came because he was one of the first responders and voices to ask for help.

His urgent cry for help on Sunday almost immediately after it happened proved just as heroic as it was desperate. Understanding how quickly a “Search and Rescue” could turn into a “Search and Recover,” prompted him to go to Facebook and post frantically. His friend’s life was at stake.

July 27 8:32 AM

“Yo my brother London LB Fields went missing yesterday after a fishing trip and we need help searching for him! Nobody is helping us! Not the police, the news or the n#### he went with! If anybody wants to help we are at French Creek, Hopewell Lake! Its only us and one f##### boat! ”

July 27 11:51

“Update: The Search arrived at 10:30am, 2 boats and a scuba team”

July 27, 7:34 PM

“Update: everybody involved is here and stories check out. No word yet but we still out here!”

July 27 10:31 PM

“Search Party going out at 6am. Who coming to help find bro? We need help! Thank you to everyone that came today.”

July 28 11:04

“I have no service at the Park/Lake so message or text me if you coming to he[l]p search and I’ll answer when I can! We meeting by the Pool area!”

LB was the only person not accounted for and his body was discovered on Tuesday, July 28th.

The battle rap is reeling in grief.